Monday, June 18, 2007

June News

I am going to really make an effort to keep up this blog on a more frequent basis. Check out all the photos (and there are a lot!) of our Europe trip at

The other news is that Kathy's golden retriever pair, Buster and Jody, are expecting! We thought we had kept them apart for this heat cycle, not wanting puppies born in 115 degree heat in Arizona, but, lo and behold, the dogs are smarter than we are! So she is due around the first weekend in July. Nancy says the breeder they bought their puppy from said that large breeds often have very large litters - 10 to 13 puppies. O God, I hope not! At least this will give me something to blog about as she gets bigger and bigger.

Also, I made T-shirts from a photograph I took in Paris and have put them on eBay. Take a look. Search for "C'est la vie" under either women's or men's clothing. Buy one!
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