Monday, September 30, 2013

High School Musical 4 - Troy Goes to Rehab

So sad to learn about Zac Efron's recent stint in rehab.  Drugs are so accessible in our neighborhoods, our schools, and on the streets, it's amazing that anyone under the age of 30 can say they've never done drugs.  And when you're a superstar, everyone is trying to please you, some of them no doubt by sharing drugs with you. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that hosts at parties in Hollywood offer cocaine  to guests like we offer chips and dip to ours.

Zac needs to meet someone, get married, and have a family.  Joe Walsh said he couldn't stay clean until he found something he wanted more than he wanted to get high.  When you look at your children and see how much they need you that can often be the motivation to give up the partying.

We lost Cory Monteith; I  pray we don't lose Zac.
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