Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Will We Make it to 10,000?

gun violence image
I haven't posted a Gun Report in several weeks.  Reading about all these people, all over our country, getting shot is so depressing and it makes me so angry that our government lets it happen.  It's beyond dispute by now that the NRA has bought Congress and dictates policy no matter who is elected President, no matter how many citizens protest - nothing matters to our elected officials except the money to help guarantee that they keep their jobs.  Jobs, which, by the way, were never intended to be full-time jobs.  Representatives were supposed to travel to Washington, get the country's business done, and then GO HOME!
Check the link below to find out what the score was in your state this past weekend.  Do you think we can hit that 10,000 mark by the first anniversary of the Newtown massacre?
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