Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Good Guys Win!

If you are looking for real-life examples of courage, determination, and all the qualities you'd like to see your children exhibit as adults, just show them the record of Round 1 of the Suns vs Lakers Playoffs.

With leaders like Steve Nash (Nash for President?) and team members like Leandro Barbosa, who never quit, never gave up, even when he was asked to play a position he was never meant to play; Tim Thomas, who was called in as an emergency backup for Kurt Thomas and ended up playing the Suns way, all the way, as if he'd been with these guys since the Barkley days; and Boris - oh, Boris - don't you want to just clone him?

Night after night, day after day, Shawn Marion, Raja Bell, James Jones, Eddie House, and all the rest of the team, spend time together, practice together, travel together. They are friends. They like each other. They respect each other. They support each other. And they win together.
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