Saturday, August 01, 2009


A few months ago, my friend Sylvia in the San Francisco Bay Area, told me about a wonderful site called It is a site dedicated to all things handmade and crafters all over the world are selling their crafts in their "shops" on etsy. The site has taken off and has been featured on Good Morning America and other TV shows. Joy Behar on the view told about her daughter's success on etsy, and Rosie O'Donnell has her own shop.

I have been working on photography for several years now, but found that it was difficult to sell photographs either on the web or at craft fairs. The best photography web sites are designed by professionals and are costly. The upfront cost of producing enough items to have a successful craft fair is also prohibitive. That is the beauty of etsy - there is very, very little upfront cost. The listing fee for an item is only $.20!!! And I can list one photograph or 100 - it's up to me.

My other love is glass. I am enthralled by the work of Dale Chihuly and other glass artisans. So, when I discovered etsy, I also discovered people using small glass tiles to make pendant necklaces. I am now making glass tile necklaces, and magnets, many of them using my own photography.

Here is a sampling of the items on my shop -
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