Saturday, July 13, 2013

God at 17,000 feet

A friend of mine recently watched a You Tube video about the Argus surveillance system that can be attached to a "drone" and can capture high resolution images from 17,000 feet.  Not only can it capture these images, it can zoom in on a specific area and show you what is happening on the ground in real time.  Once captured, the images can be stored and be available for recall in the future.

My friend was outraged.  The idea that some "eye in the sky" could record him walking to work from the subway seemed to threaten his sense of security.  The idea, however, that Argus could possibly have recorded the movements of the two brothers who placed the bombs in Boston and helped identify them, apparently did not occur to him.Since this friend was born and raised and educated in the Catholic church, I asked him how the Argus differed from the understanding most Christians have of God.  Doesn't God watch everything that happens on Earth?  Doesn't God see what each and every one of us does 24/7?  And doesn't He remember for eternity whether we have been good Christians or evil sinners?

 Why does one Almighty Eye cause outrage and the other (who supposedly has the power to strike you dead on the spot without a trial) deserve your worship?
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