Thursday, July 11, 2013

We Are Killing Our Kids!

The children were pressed up against the glass in the Gorilla house, amazed at the size of the great silver-back inches away.  This particular primate was in excellent health, with a glistening coat and sparkling eyes that occasionally looked right back at the children.

I could not help but compare one primate to another.  The gorilla was happily munching on a head of lettuce, but there was no lettuce in any form (except maybe a leaf on a cheeseburger) available for the homo sapiens there to eat.  The homo sapiens specimens were almost all overweight, whether they were young or old.  

The gorillas were fed the diet that they were designed to eat; fruits and vegetables.  None of the animals on one side of the glass were obese.  Many of the ones on the other side of the glass were.  Which ones will live longer?

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