Thursday, October 17, 2013

What The Country Needs Now - More Women

Don't you love it when you think of something and then the very next day you see your same idea on the news, or in the paper?  It happened to me today.  Yesterday I wrote that our government needs more women because they are the only courageous ones.  And this morning, here is Robert Redford on CNN, making a similar statement:

(CNN) -- Robert Redford says bigotry, fear of change and a determination to personally destroy President Barack Obama have paralyzed the U.S. government.
Women and young people are the answer to fixing the gridlock that has partially shut down Washington, the actor told CNN on Tuesday.

"Give them the reins," Redford said. "I think they can do better than we have."

"Susan Collins, who is a Republican, is saying: 'Enough of this. This is not the job I signed up for. I've got to do something,' " said Redford, referring to the U.S. senator from Maine. "So she's bringing a bipartisan group together of women. I think the future should belong more to women and young people."

Women must save the country "because a lot of men that were in control were behaving stupidly," Redford said. "I mean, sometimes you say: 'Can we actually be this dumbed down, or am I actually hearing what I'm hearing from some of these people? Are they really, is that really happening?' It's sad."

So, support women candidates!  There is a possibility that women are accustomed to making decisions for the family, sometimes at personal costs.  Maybe they can do the same for the country.

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