Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gutless Wonders

Listening to Sen. Lindsey Graham a few minutes ago, I was reminded of my post of a few days ago.  He said that for two weeks Obamacare has been a disaster, but it hasn't been reported because the media was concentrating on the shutdown and the debt ceiling.  He went further to say that in a few months, Democrats will be coming to Republicans begging to fix Obamacare.

So, we will see what happens.  The truth will make itself known.

Now the biggest concern is whether or not there will be any elected officials who have the guts to possibly lose their job to do the right thing for the country.  Graham is afraid that we are going to be another Greece.  And, frankly, I think he is right.  The only ones with any spine, any real courage, are the women, and there are not enough of them.  For myself, I think I cannot vote for any incumbent in the next election.  Even dear old John McCain.  I think he needs to come home and tend his roses.
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