Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anger & Depression

I guess it's true that anger unexpressed turns into depression because I sure feel depressed today. My son's despair over the end of his marriage is so difficult for all of us. My soon-to-be-former daughter-in-law is truly a monster. Not only does she not understand why everyone is so upset by this sudden decision of hers, she truly doesn't seem to care about anyone's feelings. I'm beginning to suspect that she really, really doesn't care - as in pathological. She has absolutely no remorse, she denies any feelings of loss, she doesn't even want to keep any of the furniture or anything from the past 15 years. She says she wants to buy all new stuff. Now, any woman reading this will know that that is weird. Everyone has some cherished possession, some little favorite item, a favorite pot to cook in, a picture that you love, the treadmill, those good-feeling sheets, SOMETHING! How can she not care about ANYTHING? Isn't that a symptom of some emotional shut-down?
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