Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ombre Is All The Rage

Ombre - the shading of color from dark to light - is all the rage these days, showing up on the cover of "O" magazine and on the cute little tushies of little girls.  Their mothers are wearing ombre dyed shirts, and there are probably even ombre ties for dads.

So I am trying an experiment this morning.  I made a habotai turquoise scarf (they have been selling like ice cream in a heat wave) to list in the shop, and I am going to use the same dye bath to dip dye a piece of silk gauze to create the gradations of ombre.

2 hours later:  

Here's how I did it:  Dipped about a third for 20 minutes, dipped a little more for 10 minutes, dropped a little more for 5 minutes, and, finally, the remainder for 2 minutes.  

Here's the final product

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